Our history

For more than 20 years, Biogaran has been innovating and developing itself to provide you with services and therapeutic solutions that answer your needs.
Discover our history.

Biogaran, reinventing itself since 1996

  • 1996 Foundation of Biogaran, a pioneer in generic drugs
  • 1998 Launch of a new and innovative packaging
  • 2004 First generic contraceptive pill
  • 2005 First international development
  • 2006 First communication campaign
  • 2011 Launch of the over-the-counter drug range of drugs
  • 2015 Launch of the first biosimilar drug
  • 2017 First export of Biogaran products to Lebanon
  • 2018 New visual identity for the line Biogaran Conseil®

Our international development

  • Africa
  • Near and Middle East
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • 2005 Launch of business activities in Paraguay
  • 2017 Launch of business activities in Lebanon
  • 2019 Launch of business activities in Ivory coast, Gabon and Congo
  • 2020 Launch of business activities in Senegal, Mali and Guinea
  • 2021 Launch of business activities in Benin, Niger, Malta, Madagascar, Mauritius and countries of the Near and Middle East
  • 2022 Beginning of our operations in DRC, Mauritania and Iraq

The development of our activities in West and Central Africa

lt is with the goal of providing patients and healthcare professionals with quality medicines, accessible to all, that Biogaran began the deployment of its activities in West and Central Africa in January 2019 with the launch of its operations in Ivory Coast. Concerned about meeting public health needs and providing patients with quality accessible medicines, Biogaran has kept on developping its activities in the region by marketing its quality medicines in the Republic of Congo, Gabon, Senegal, Mali and Guinea.
ln 2021, Biogaran launched its activities in other countries of the subregion, particularly in Benin and Niger. The year 2022 will be the year of new operations in the DRC and in Mauritania !

Thanks to bioequivalent quality medicines complying with the most stringent European standards, Biogaran's ambition is to become the first choice for patients who wish to have access to high-quality affordable generic drugs and that they will be able to use safely.