Webinar #4

Antibiotic resistance and clinical practice

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During the month of July 2021, the Académie Biogaran established Antibiotic Resistance Month with two separate webinars designed to address the topic.
The second session focused on antibiotic resistance and clinical practice. This session, moderated by Pr. Damien SENE, was attended by the following professionals:
Prof. Valérie Carole GBONON, bacteriologist and virologist at the Pasteur Institute of Ivory Coast
Pr. Koffi Aristophane TANON, infectious diseases specialist and clinical doctor at the department of infectious and tropical diseases of the CHU of Treichville, Ivory Coast
We would like to thank all the speakers for their kind participation as well as all the people who attended this webinar.
If you were not able to attend, please find the replay of our webinar below:



This webinar was organized by the Académie Biogaran. Launched in 2020, Académie Biogaran is a continuing training program for African healthcare professionals.

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