Type 2 diabetes in Africa and managing the risks associated with prolonged fasting

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The Biogaran Academy is delighted to present its first webinar of the year 2024 ! During this conference, we looked at type 2 diabetes in Africa, with a particular focus on managing the risks associated with prolonged fasting.

During this webinar, we were delighted to welcome :

– Pr. Innocent ADOUBI, Head of the Oncology Department at CHU Treichville in Abidjan and Coordinating Director of the National Cancer Control Program (PNLCa) in Ivory Coast

– Dr. Salif BALDÉ, Specialist in oncology at the Institut Joliot Curie and member of the Ligue Sénégalaise Contre le Cancer (LISCA).

– le Dr. Ibrahim NIENTAO, Specialist in endocrinology at the Diabetes Center Control in Bamako, Mali

– le Dr. Félix ACKA, Endocrinologist, Head of the Abidjan Anti-Diabetic Center at the National Institut Of Ivory Coast Public Health and President of the Amicale des Endocrinologues-Diabétologues in Ivory Coast

The webinar was moderated by Dr. Sarah N’DRI, Medical Science Liaison for Biogaran.

To view or replay this conference, click below :