Breast Cancer in Africa : pathophysiology, management recommendations and clinical practice

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The Biogaran Academy is delighted to present its last webinar of the year 2023 ! During this conference, we looked at breast cancer in Africa, with a particular focus on its pathophysiology, the management recommendations available to date, and illustrations of clinical practice.

During this webinar, we were delighted to welcome :

– Pr. Innocent ADOUBI, Head of the Oncology Department at CHU Treichville in Abidjan and Coordinating Director of the National Cancer Control Program (PNLCa) in Ivory Coast

– Dr. Salif BALDÉ, Specialist in oncology at the Institut Joliot Curie and member of the Ligue Sénégalaise Contre le Cancer (LISCA).

The webinar was moderated by Dr. Sarah N’DRI, Medical Science Liaison for Biogaran.

To view or replay this conference, click below :