Biogaran embarks on a new adventure in Congo!

Biogaran generic medicines will now be available in Congo-Brazzaville with the aim of promoting access to quality care for all.

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After launching its activities in Ivory Coast in January 2019, Biogaran is now extending its operations to Congo-Brazzaville with the same objective: to provide access to quality medicines for all.

Quality medicines, for all

The official launching event was held on September 19, 2019 in Brazzaville in the presence of several healthcare professionals from Congo and representatives of Biogaran.

Biogaran generic drugs are bioequivalent to the originator drug, 89% of them are manufactured in Europe and 50% in France, in strict compliance with the European Good Manufacturing Practices. They therefore guarantee that patients will receive a safe and effective medicine.

The range of medicines marketed by Biogaran is designed to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals in Congo, addressing a number of diseases that are increasingly common on the continent. More specifically, the medicines distributed by Biogaran in the country enable the treatment of pathologies such as arterial hypertension and cancer, but also disabling diseases such as epilepsy. Several of these medicines are declared essential and respond to public health issues according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Biogaran wants to work towards access to quality healthcare in West and Central Africa. We want to offer products that meet European standards at an affordable price” said Emmanuel Le Doeuff, Head of International Operations of Servier’s Generics Division.

In addition to its activities, Biogaran will also organize events such as screening campaigns and free medical consultations and will provide patients with therapeutic education tools to help them manage their disease.

Biogaran in Congo

Biogaran has been present in Congo since September 2019.

You can consult the list of medicines available in Congo by clicking here.