Biogaran medicines are now available in Benin!

Biogaran quality generic drugs are now available in Benin where Biogaran launched its activities in March 2021

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Biogaran intends to reaffirm its commitment in favor of quality medicines for everyone and wishes to do so as well in Benin, a country of nearly 12 million people.

Closer to healthcare professionals and patients

Biogaran made its launch in Benin official by organizing several events in small groups of healthcare professionals, in a health context that didn’t allow large gatherings.

In this respect, scientific meetings were organized with healthcare professionals and wholesalers and focused on various medical topics. These events also allowed Biogaran to present its range of available medicines in Benin. Indeed, Biogaran provides healthcare professionals and patients with a large line of quality drugs, manufactured in compliance with the strictest European regulations. Biogaran medicines available in Benin treat numerous diseases among which hypertension, diabetes or inflammatory pathologies.

Other events took place to support healthcare professionals, especially in Cotonou CNHU-HKM. Meetings regarding the use of INNs (International Nonproprietary Name), that are specific to generic drugs, were organized.

Biogaran in Benin

Since March 2021, Biogaran commited to providing Beninese patients and healthcare professionals with a large range of medicines that cover several therapeutic areas including cardiology, endocrinology, neurology or urology.

As part of its commitment , Biogaran also wished to help patients in the understanding of their pathology by providing them with therapeutic education tools.

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