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Health files

Detailed articles to learn more about health-related topics.

Health files

07 February 2024

Understanding Cholera

I. Definition and key figures Cholera is an acute intestinal infection caused by the Vibrio...

yellow fever 03 July 2023

Understanding Yellow fever

I) Definition and key figures Yellow fever is an acute viral disease spread by the bite of an...

malaria 28 March 2023

Understanding malaria

  I) Definition of Malaria: Malaria is an infectious disease that can be fatal, with initial...

Tuberculosis 27 February 2023

Understanding Tuberculosis

    I) Tuberculosis: definition and key figures Definition: Tuberculosis (TB) is an...

03 January 2023

Understanding HIV and AIDS

1) HIV and AIDS: definitions and key figures  Definition: from HIV to AIDS AIDS, also known as...